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Pillow Carrier

Pillow carrier

(1) a gentleman who carries his lady’s pillow

(2) a man so secure in his masculinity that he will perform acts of great sensitivity and courtesy without giving a thought to what his coworkers or his lady’s roommate or neighbor might think.

bron: www.urban

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Vehicle seat

Document Type and Number: United States Patent 4141586


A vehicle seat with a pivotable backrest connected arrestably with the seat part in selectable positioning, the backrest carrying at least one seat accessory part. As a seat accessory part – carrier at least on one of the sides of the backrest a parallelogram is provided with two connecting rods extending in the longitudinal direction of the back.The parallelogram comprises a first connecting rod which is a part of the pillow carrier of the backrest, which part is pivotal about the pivot axis of the backrest, and a second connecting rod which on the one hand is articulated at an unchangeable position relative to the pivot axis of the backrest and on the other hand is articulated to a connection part of the parallelogram which in turn is pivotally connected with the first connecting rod. The seat accessory part which is to be carried is supported at least in its position of use on both connecting rods pivotal relative to the latter.


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